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Educate & Celebrate are experts in transforming schools and organisations into LGBT+Friendly places, creating a safe environment for staff, students, governors and parents to thrive and achieve, enabling everyone to be themselves without fear of discrimination

All our Educate & Celebrate trainers are experienced teachers who have made their own schools LGBT+Friendly. Our trainers are from all over the UK and have made positive institutional change in a variety of school settings and organisations.

Increasing visibility around Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity changes and saves lives. Our approach is preventative, proactive and accessible to all. We believe every conversation is important to move forward with breaking down the barriers to LGBT+Inclusion.

‘The whole principle of Educate & Celebrate has influenced everything in our school life, we have changed our vision statement to reflect it, there are rainbow touches throughout the school!’

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Helping students and teachers in our schools to become more confident about themselves, more at ease with others, and more proud about who and what they are: there’s no more important task than this. Lord Chris Smith, Master at Pembroke College, Cambridge


On May 17th 2016, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, LGBT+ charities Educate & Celebrate and Switchboard – the LGBT+ Helpline launched a fundraiser for the new joint poster initiative.
The event was held at the legendary Gay’s The Word bookshop in Bloomsbury, and was attended by activists, students, teachers and supporters of the charities, including Rikki Beadle-Blair and Jonathan Blake.
The aim of the campaign is to send vital LGBT+ information to every secondary school in the UK. For every £2 donation, 5 posters will be put into a secondary school, giving access to LGBT+ support and guidance in and out of school. The aim of the campaign is to raise £10,000, enabling the poster to go into every secondary school in the UK.
You can follow, donate and promote the campaign at https://chuffed.org/project/momentsofchange and on social media by using #momentsofchange to tell your own stories of positive change.
Thanks to Educate & Celebrate I’ve now visited Gay’s the Word – the UK’s only specifically lesbian and gay bookstore. Over champagne and literature, like-minded individuals shared stories of struggle and triumph as educators and students spoke to the impact the organisation has had on their lives. The effervescent Elly Barnes was the perfect host and advocate; warmly welcoming friends and strangers to participate in the crowdfunding campaign which will ensures LGBT+ posters and information is visible and accessible in secondary schools across the country. An afternoon – and investment – well spent!  Hayley Zimak, Journalist

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Educate & Celebrate delivers LGBT+Inclusive training to staff, support staff, departments, leadership teams, parents and governors in children’s centres, nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges,...Read More »

PRIDE in Early Years Education

PRIDE in Early Years Education is a range of picture books, activities and lesson plans to help make children’s centres and nursery schools LGBT+Friendly....Read More »

PRIDE in Primary Education

PRIDE in Primary Education is a range of resources to help make primary schools LGBT+Friendly. The resources and accompanying training will enable teachers and...Read More »

PRIDE in Secondary Education

PRIDE in Secondary Education is a developing range of resources to help make schools and colleges LGBT+Friendly. The resources and accompanying training will enable...Read More »

PRIDE Youth Networks

PRIDE Youth Networks are an ever-growing network of young people who make positive change within the school environment. Our trainers empower young people to be proactive...Read More »

PRIDE in Further Education

PRIDE in Secondary Education is a developing range of resources to help make FE colleges and institutions LGBT+Friendly. The resources and accompanying training will...Read More »

PRIDE in Higher Education

PRIDE in Higher Education is a developing range of resources to help make our Higher Education institutions LGBT+Friendly. The resources and accompanying training will enable...Read More »

PRIDE in Organisations

PRIDE in Organisations is a training programme for workplaces, businesses and organisations, which enables key members of your team to lead on LGBT+ inclusive...Read More »

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