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“Educating through the curriculum is key to creating an enlightened environment in which our teachers and students can thrive and be who they are without fear of discrimination” Dr Elly Barnes MBE

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Educate & Celebrate will provide exemplar school policies and demonstrate how teachers can successfully incorporate diversity into lesson plans in all subjects at all key stages. You will experience tried and tested lesson plans, an introductory assembly, effective use of language and leave with outstanding resources and the confidence to implement an LGBT curriculum that best fits your school

The  Educate & Celebrate CPD is designed to ensure you meet Ofsted criteria 2013 (below) by focusing on policy, training, curriculum, environment and community engagement. Elly will also introduce our resources for Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools PRIDE in Primary Education and PRIDE in Secondary Education.

The approaches used in Educate & Celebrate have been recognised by Ofsted as ‘best practice’ for taking a whole-school approach to tackling homophobic bullying and ingrained attitudes in our schools ‘This approach has been highly successful‘ Ofsted February 2012

In September 2013 Ofsted released new briefing for section 5 inspection called ‘Exploring the school’s actions to prevent and tackle homophobic and transphobic bullying’, which has additional points for primary and secondary school inspection. Inspectors should make sure that questions are age-appropriate and asked in the right context. Inspectors explore whether:

  1. Pupils ever hear anyone use the word ‘gay’ when describing something or whether they have been told by teachers that using the word ‘gay’ to mean something is wrong, scary or      unpleasant and is wrong
  2. Pupils ever get picked on by other children for not behaving like a ‘typical girl’ or a ‘typical boy’
  3. Pupils have had any lessons about different families (single parent, living with grandparents, having step-parents, having two mums or two dads)
  4. There is any homophobic bullying or name calling in school or on social media sites
  5. If a gay pupil was ‘out’ in school, they would feel safe from bullying
  6. They have learned about homophobic/transphobic bullying and ways to stop it happening in school
  7. They learn in school about different types of families – whether anyone is, or would be, teased about having same-sex parents.

You can download the full document here

“Superb leader, inspirational and informative” London teacher
The Educate & Celebrate CPD course gives you practical advice and a chance to ask questions in a safe and confidential environment. Elly informs you of legal requirements, Ofsted expectations and gives you a chance to experiment with curriculum ideas and try out classroom resources.
“far more practical resources than I expected” Birmingham teacher

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