KS3 RE Prejudice and Discrimination

This RE unit explores prejudice and discrimination in the world such as sexism, racism and homophobia. It questions why people have these attitudes and whether they are justified. It then links to Christianity and Islam to consider their teachings to these attitudes e.g. Jesus teaching love and to question whether being religious makes you more or less likely to discriminate against others.
If you’re religious, are you more or less likely to be prejudiced?


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Product Description

RE scheme of work KS3

Lesson 1: What is prejudice and discrimination?

Lesson 2: What kinds of prejudice are there?

Lesson 3: How do individuals discriminate against people?

Lesson 4: How do societies discriminate against people?

Lesson 5: What do Christians think of prejudice and discrimination?

Lesson 6: What do Muslims think of prejudice and discrimination?

Lesson 7: Do religions practice what they preach

Further KS3 Lessons


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