The consultation for a Conversion Therapy Ban has been extended

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Conversion Therapy Consultation

The UK Government has published a consultation to find out what people think about the harmful practice of conversion therapy
This is our chance to make sure the ban protects every LGBTQIA+ person from abuse.

The Equality Hub are seeking views from individuals and organisations on their proposals to ban conversion therapy
The consultation is open until Friday 4th February 2022.

The Equality Hub are committed to building a society in which conversion therapy no longer takes place.
Their intention is to bring forward a ban in the criminal law that is supported by additional interventions that will ensure these practices are ended.
Their approach has been built on a detailed assessment of the existing legislative framework to identify gaps that currently allow conversion therapy to continue.
Having identified gaps in the law, they have developed a practical package of interventions to truly put a stop to these practices.
The Equality Hub are determined to deliver a conversion therapy ban that protects people from these practices.

Consultation guidance for individuals can be found here

Access the consultation here