What do Educate & Celebrate do?

We support you to embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your School  or Organisation.

We do this by providing training and resources through structured and bespoke programmes for staff, support staff, leadership teams, boards, directors and governing bodies.

Our programmes include services for Trainee Teachers, Council, Boroughs and Unions, Student Workshops, Continuing Professional Development training and a  PRIDE in Inclusion Award. Plus an extensive range of Resources and Membership for all key stages including nurseries, schools, sixth forms, colleges, and Universities in all sectors including mainstream, grammar, independent and boarding settings, both nationally and internationally.

Why is LGBT+ education important?

Ensuring everyone in our environment feels represented and validated is the key to your Diversity & Inclusion strategy. This must include gender, gender identity and sexual orientation.

This is underpinned in legislation, to which schools and organisations must adhere to, including the statutory requirements under the Equality Act 2010 and the Statutory Guidance on RSHE  (Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health education).

Schools and organisations have a duty to protect LGBT+ people and their families and it is a requirement to encourage positive relationships between all groups. We encourage an intersectional approach to the curriculum, well-being, mental health , pastoral care, achievement and community activities.

How do you make schools LGBT+ friendly?

By taking an organisational approach to increasing the visibility of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation within your policies, training, curriculum, environment and community.

The process of change should flow consistently through the reception area, corridors, classrooms, website, school hall and staffroom.

To support you on your journey with a structured action plan for change, you can register for our pioneering PRIDE in Inclusion Award.

We have also developed a plethora of free resources to support you on your journey, including posters, lesson plans, policy guidance and songs

To access premium resources you can join us as a member

How do you develop an LGBT+ inclusive curriculum?

Establish the ethos from the get go: engage all stakeholders in your D&I strategy, identifying areas for intervention by recognising any heteronormative and cisnormative practices.

Break the binary: develop a gender free environment through the language you use, what you teach and how you teach it, how you line up and seat students, how you address each other and how all genders can access everything within the curriculum.

Listen to your students: Actively engage young people in campaigning and activism for social justice within your organisation. They will know where the gaps are in provision.

For more helpful hints and tips How to Transform your school into an LGBT+ friendly place written by Dr Elly Barnes MBE and Dr Anna Carlile is a practical guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers and is available to buy in our bookstore here

Going for Gold!

Sam Coles, Diversity & Inclusion Manager at BMet, talks about their journey with E&C to achieve their GOLD PRIDE in Inclusion Award. They have ensured that their policies, training, community, environment & curriculum are LGBTQ+ inclusive to create consistency and a safe environment for everyone.

PRIDE in Inclusion


Join 100’s of schools who are on their journey to LGBT+ inclusion through our pioneering Award Programme. We empower and support you to embed gender, gender identity and sexual orientation into the fabric of your school.

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International Schools

We had the fantastic opportunity of delivering CPD and PRIDE Youth Network sessions to International Schools in Thailand and Cambodia in January 2020.

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Knowing where to start can be overwhelming.
We offer a range of services to guide you through the change process.

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Book your training

Is your curriculum LGBT+ inclusive? Need help with RSE provision, teacher training and resources?

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Boarding & Independent Schools

We are proud to have a long standing partnership with the Boarding Schools’ Association.

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PRIDE in Education Classroom Resources

Free Lesson Plans for all key stages in a range of subjects.

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PRIDE in Sport

At E&C we advocate for inclusive sport as soon as young people enter the education system, throughout school and beyond.

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PRIDE workshops for pupils

We offer a full range of gender, gender identity and sexual orientation assemblies, workshops, classroom sessions with students.

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Councils, Boroughs & Unions

We regularly partner with Councils, Organisations and Charities to deliver Continuing Professional Development Days.

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PRIDE Book Collections

A range of books to purchase for different age groups.

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These fun sing-a-long songs come with lyrics, actions and backing tracks. They are completely free to use and download! 

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E&C Membership

Become an Exclusive Educate & Celebrate Member and access our Premium Resources

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Trainee Teachers


As long serving teachers, we love working with trainees. We are fully equipped to answer questions about the teaching profession and deliver lectures on inclusion for all key stages.

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Policy Guidance

Free policies and other guidance to make your school more LGBT+ friendly.

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Posters and Media

Posters and other media to download for free.

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