SCITT, PGCE, ITT training
As long serving teachers, we love working with trainees. We are fully equipped to answer questions about the teaching profession and deliver webinars on inclusion for all key stages

' It was really good to see the students engaged and challenged by the session, but more importantly starting to feel confident in teaching about LGBTQ+ accurately. The opportunity for student teachers to think deeply about their teaching context and the young people in their care is so important and I know that the student teachers will have taken a lot from this for their continual development.

Examples of current webinars are:

  • An introduction to gender and sexual orientation law, policy, inclusive language and the impact this has on school life 
  • Environment and Curriculum Focus exploring resources for all subject areas at all key stages. Exemplar lessons and assemblies
  • How to integrate LGBTQIA+ content into the whole curriculum: for nursery, primary and secondary teachers

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We regularly partner with Universities and Initial Teacher Training providers to ensure trainees have the knowledge and confidence to deliver an LGBTQIA+ inclusive curriculum before they secure posts.

The sessions are relaxed and interactive to empower trainees to firstly recognise discrimination and then go on to develop an intersectional curriculum where all are represented through the language and resources they use.

Trainees will leave with increased knowledge of law and school legislation, lots of curriculum resources including a booklist, lesson plans, posters and songs, display ideas, exemplar policies, how to increase visibility and engage with the school and wider community – plus having all their questions answered openly and honestly.

Data from initial and exit surveys from EDI Staff Training for ITT, SCITT and PGCE providers in April 2022 showed :
- 94% increase in confidence to be LGBT+ inclusive in the workplace
- 94% increase in knowledge of gender identitity and sexual orientation.
- 97% of attendees were more than satisified with the webinar.

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A teacher talking to a group of trainee teachers


£400 for a maximum of 2 hours webinar with a short study break in the middle with pre and post session tasks.

£1000 for a package of three  webinars over one academic year or delivered as a whole development day.

The minimum charge for a webinar is £400.

For bespoke services, please contact us using the form below. We will contact you to discuss your requirements.

For all services, please complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.

South Birmingham SCITT  ITT Course Manager, Emma Thomas and trainee teachers talk about the skills, knowledge and confidence they now have after training with E&C

'This was a brilliantly informative session delivered with real heart and a genuine warmth - I loved it. I feel it should be compulsory for all BEd Course Primary Teaching - Thank you so much for such a great session'

' A wonderful session with great ideas to take forward into school and classroom 
I am much more aware of the legal obligations, however I am slightly more worried about getting the language wrong or making LGBT+ inclusive in my teaching. 
This was an amazing session, so moving and powerful. Really enjoyed it and would love to participate in more sessions in the future.'

' I didn't realise how little I knew on the different terminology used so thank you for that. Amazing session - Thank you so much '

' Thank you so much for today, you have created legitimacy and firmly put LGBT+ within our ITT curriculum as well as numerous primary schools within Suffolk and Norfolk! '