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Welcome everyone to our PRIDE in Education Book Collections for early years, primary, secondary and classics.

We are very proud to work with our schools, our followers and the legendary Gay’s The Word bookshop to bring you unique collections that bring the broadest possible representation of LGBTQIA+ lives and experiences into the classroom and beyond.

Gay’s The Word, the UK’s oldest LGBTQIA+ bookshop, continues to be the touchstone of the community with shelves bursting with books, new authors and classics alongside a welcoming space for book launches, readings, panel discussions and events.

The latest book collection has been collated to not only pass on this rich history of influential and ground-breaking texts but also to give voices to a broad range of new authors with the aim of providing young people of all ages with the information they need to be their authentic selves.

Gay's The Word is the UK's oldest LGBTQ+ bookshop and a touchstone for the broader LGBT community. The bookshop was set up in January 1979 by a group of gay socialists as a community space where all profits were funnelled back into the business... 

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We are delighted that The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant is included in our PRIDE in Primary book collection.

Jodie started writing the story because when her twin daughters were three, they started noticing that their family was different to other people’s.

Simon James Green  is a screenwriter and the award-winning author of young adult novels Noah Can’t Even, Noah Could Never, Alex in Wonderland and Heartbreak Boys.

Heartbreak Boys is in our PRIDE in Secondary book collection. It is hilarious, it is sad, and it is so romantic that you will swoon and gasp and sigh!

Sarah Asuquo: thrives on culture and diversity. Her passion to help young people to become the best they can be has led her to volunteer with charities who support children and also pursue a career as an English Teacher.

The fabulous book SHINE is a touching and heart-warming story which encourages young readers to celebrate diversity and to recognise how our differences make us special.

Ideas for Librarians and Teachers:

  • Join our book reading film project by reading aloud your favourite book on video.
  • Tell us about a book you loved from the collection.
  • Campaign and tell everyone how vital it is that all schools have an LGBTQIA+ book collection. Post about your experiences and what a difference it has made to you.
  •  Prizes for readers who read all the lists and write a review of the week.

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