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Exploring LGBT+ Inclusion in School Libraries

Glenice Allison is Library Champion for BMet , a group of colleges across Birmingham. In this video, Glenice explains how they are developing a library service that is inclusive for everyone.

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We’re delighted to continue our collaboration with Gay’s the Word, the UK’s oldest, dedicated LGBTQ+ bookshop with the advice of Dr Erica Gillingham, who studied with the National Centre for Research in Children’s Literatureat University of Roehampton, on our selection of school-age books.

We are confident that the book collections give the broadest possible representation of LGBTQ+ lives and experiences. They are categorised by Early Years, Primary, Secondary (Lower and Upper) and Classics. When you order you will receive 15 books from your preferred list. If there are any particular books you would like then please specify when you order, otherwise we send what is in stock. Your book box will also contain posters and stickers to encourage your LGBTQ+ readers!

The letters next to each text give librarians, teachers and readers an idea of who is represented in the stories. The Classics List includes some of the most well-known, influential and groundbreaking texts that highlight our queer literary heritage. These books will appeal to older students reading for pleasure and those interested in Literature or Queer Studies at university. Whereas the Fiction Lists fuel the imagination and give voices to a broad range of imagined LGBT+ experiences, the Non-Fiction List provides young people of all ages with advice and information that will help them develop with confidence and awareness.

Ideas for Librarians and Teachers

  • A YA Odyssey: weekly review of a YA novel
  • Prizes for readers who read the lists
  • Prizes for book reviews – review of the week!
  • Help us promote our collections by engaging with our social media – tell us about a book you’ve loved and post on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Use #MomentsOfChange
  • Fundraise, campaign and use social media to support us to try and get an LGBTQ+ set of books in every school in the country!
  • Use the stickers to encourage your young readers!

Poster advertising LGBTQ+ books are in our library from Educate & Celebrate

Download this poster to display in your library and show that you have LGBTQ+ books available!

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Gay's The Word is the UK's oldest LGBT bookshop and a touchstone for the broader LGBT community. The bookshop was set up in January 1979 by a group of gay socialists as a community space where all profits were funnelled back into the business... 

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