LGBT+ Inclusion & Diversity by Cat Garnett, Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok


Cat Garnett is Head of Learning for Life and Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok.

This is Cat’s report and findings from the BSA Inclusion and Diversity Conference.

I recently had the honour of speaking at the Boarding School’s Association (BSA) Inclusion and Diversity Conference. It was with great pride that I was recommended by the Dr. Elly Barnes MBE, CEO of the wonderful Educate & Celebrate, to be a panellist on the topic of ‘Inclusion and celebration of LGBT+ diversity in our schools’.

Our aim was to share top strategies to enable LGBT+ inclusivity in our schools, to overcome any challenges to these and to celebrate LGBT+ diversity in boarding schools. Below are the notes of my humble contribution to a brilliant session that was well-attended by 80+ school leaders across the sector.


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