Meet Anick – Born Intersex

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Intersex itself is an umbrella term used to describe people born with biological sex characteristics that don’t fit typical male or female categories. So whilst we’re told that people are either born male or female, there are actually many intersex variations that people can be born with too. These can affect chromosome patterns and hormones as well as internal and external genitalia and this occurs naturally in about 1.7% of the population.

Anick Soni is a multidisciplinary researcher, creative and intersex activist who have been publicly sharing his story since 2015. He works as a consultant on Intersex/Variations of Sex Characteristics/DSD for content (film/TV/broadcast/print).
Anick’s work has appeared internationally, and he has worked with a variety of non-profits, governments and media outlets. He has a degree in law and is currently studying childhood and children’s rights with a focus on children in hospitals. His area of focus is on media and researching how to support children and caregivers.

At birth, Anick’s doctors didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl. At 18 he found out he was intersex. Now, he meets other intersex people as he prepares for his final surgery.

A full-length Radio 1 Story. Contains adult themes.
watch here 

For more information and support visit Interconnected UK (ICON UK) a growing organisation created by open and progressive folk from diverse backgrounds, bringing different values and skills to the organisation.
ICON UK are united by a passion for supporting people with Intersex/VSC and their communities to be self-accepting and self-advocating. They are committed to working towards a vision of adults and children with Intersex/VSC and their loved ones having a much stronger voice in all areas of life.
ICON UK are an  inclusive organisation welcoming everybody irrespective of race, age, religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Contact ICON UK here