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Bespoke EDI Staff Training

E&C are experts in transforming organisations into inclusive LGBTQIA+ Friendly workplaces, by aspiring to create an environment where all feel valued, included and can achieve their full potential regardless of their protected characteristics.

Our experienced consultants will work in partnership with you to train all staff in your organisation to embed gender and sexual orientation throughout all aspects of the work environment.

The bespoke task driven training is applicable to organisations in all sectors.

Our practical and interactive training highlights inclusive language, increased knowledge of legislation and behaviours, policy review and their implementation within the work environment.

The training is specifically designed to empower individuals to build strong foundations for inclusive workspaces and ensure all stakeholders are committed to LGBTQIA+ equality both in the workplace and the wider community.

You will experience an extensive range of activities, including pre and post tasks, access to case studies, successful strategies, links to display materials and a consultant on hand to answer any questions. Attendees will also be awarded a Professional Certificate of Recognition.

Key learning points:
  • To develop a deeper understanding of gender and sexual orientation and why it is necessary to include these protected characteristics in all activities and what we need to do to ensure their full inclusion and equilibrium with other equality strands.
  • Interrogating heteronormative and cisnormative practices and encouraging an intersectional approach as standard.
  • Experience real life examples from our partners through films, language, law, policy, expectations, examples of environmental change
  • Develop an action plan: participants are encouraged to identify core areas for intervention.
  • Increased knowledge of law and expectations around EDI
  • Implementation of quick wins and strategies for long term sustainable change.

Data from initial and exit surveys from EDI Staff Training for organisations in May 2022 showed :

-  80% are likely to raise awareness in their workplace.
- 100% feel more confident to be LGBTQIA+ inclusive within their role.
-  90% of attendees were more than satisified with the webinar.

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Online, task driven bespoke training for a maximum of 3 hours.

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PRIDE in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Award


Delivered online over 12 months to support you to achieve your Bronze, Silver of Gold Award.

To find out more about our Corporate EDI award, please complete the registration form here

LexisNexis Risk Solutions Group has been working with E&C since 2021. Here Matt Tudball talks about why they will be continuing to work with us.

' I just wanted to say a huge thank you for delivering such incredible training, it was insightful, engaging and exactly what we as an organisation need to be talking about'

LGBT+ History Month Webinar February 2023 evaluation:
1) Did the webinar give you the confidence to be LGBTQIA+ inclusive in your role?
Yes             88%
Somewhat 12%
No                0%
2) How likely are you to continue the conversation with colleagues?
Very likely           81%
Somewhat likely 19%
Not likely              0%

'Thank you for the brilliant books we received last week. Being around such interesting material generated in depth discussions. A colleague talked about a young person we’re working with who is exploring their gender identity, they felt they hadn’t done a good job in explaining it to the mentee. Therefore, it was great to be able to talk openly with our team with the help of the books to help each other to feel confident. Thank you very much for inspiring us to take this time to think, and giving us such rich means to do it, I can already feel the difference in our organisation'

'Thank you for the well structured session.
I was baffled by the gaps in my own knowledge, especially around intersex, which has compelled me to ensure I am up to date on terminology'

'Privileged to work with an incredible group of inspirational colleagues.'

'So engaging and really informative - what a wonderful way to learn such important information'

'Thank you so much for an insightful and comprehensive session, it was all so really well received!'