PRIDE Youth Network Students
  • Do you want to support young people to make positive change within your school?
  • Would you like your pupils to have a safe supportive network around them so they can be themselves?

We can support you to facilitate young people to:

  1. Enable leadership skills in inclusive practices and decision making
  2. Develop an awareness to challenge environments which can present as hostile
  3. Enable personal development and positive self-esteem
  4. Develop work-related and transferable skills 

Current PYN students told us about their achievements:

-There is better visibility. The PYN has allowed people to be more open about their identity

-People feel free to be who they are

-No hbtphobic comments around school!

-We had assemblies about LGBTQ+ and people have been more respectful towards LGBTQ+ people

-There are posters in class and halls and gender free toilets

-Bullying is always dealt with now, there is always someone to talk to

-We are forwarding a motion to bring in pronouns on email sign offs of staff and pupils 

When you register for PRIDE Youth Network Training you receive:
  • A bespoke training session for the lead member of staff and pupils
  • A timeline of activities with monthly ideas for positive change
  • Advice and support on campaigning for things you care about
  • Access to partnership projects and competitions
  • A PYN Pioneers Award for your achievements and commitment
Read our full report by Goldsmiths, University of London
Feel empowered to point out discrimination and open eyes to making your school a more welcoming place for everyone

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Pride Youth Network students working with Educate & Celebratete & Celebra



To support you with getting your PRIDE Youth Network up and running we deliver a bespoke training session with your lead teacher and group of young people

Please complete the form at the bottom of  the page to book in your first PRIDE YOUTH NETWORK training session

'I have always run the LGBTQIA+ group and we normally have a few students sign up for it (6-10 generally). This year, we had 10% of the school population (77 students) sign up to be a part of the group, whether they identify as part of the group or as an ally, we had to split it into two groups for the first time ever and it was an amazing turn of events. Why, I am not sure, but we have always tried to be inclusive and so it seems to be paying off!'

PRIDE Youth Network training

'The PYNs were able to call teachers out about how they dealt with homophobic language. In the classroom, when it was happening, the teachers would behave differently to how they had before. One of my groups wrote a lesson plan to deliver to teachers which included what the effects of hearing homophobic language in the classroom could be, and I think that was very effective'