PRIDE Youth Network Students
Join our PRIDE Youth Network to become equipped, confident and empowered to speak out about injustice. Learn how to channel your energy into creating positive change in your school and community


Current PYN students told us about their achievements:
  • There is better visibility. The PYN has allowed people to be more open about their identity
  • People feel free to be who they are
  • No homophobic comments around school!
  • We had assemblies about LGBTQ+ and people have been more respectful towards LGBTQ+ people
  • There are posters in class and halls and unisex toilets
  • Bullying is always dealt with, there is always someone to talk to
  • Our school has just recently brought in gender inclusive toilets and we are forwarding a motion to bring in pronouns on emails of staff
The programme includes:
  • Training for a lead member of staff and your group of activists
  • 3 PRIDE Workshops for the PYN students (spread throughout the Academic year)
  • A timeline of activities with monthly ideas for positive change
  • Advice and support on campaigning for things you care about
  • Targets for Year 1 and Year 2 of the programme
  • Access to partnership projects and competitions
  • Joining our network of over 120 campaigning groups – opportunities to network with international schools
  • An Annual National PRIDE Youth Network conference
  • Achieving a PYN Pioneers Award for your campaigning achievements
Read our full report by Goldsmiths, University of London
Feel empowered to point out discrimination and open eyes to making your school a more welcoming place for everyone

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Pride Youth Network students working with Educate & Celebratete & Celebra



Your PYN can fund-raise during the programme.

We deliver this programme online with your young people and a member of staff.

"The PYNs were able to call teachers out ...about how they dealt with homophobic language. In the classroom, when it was happening, the teachers would behave differently to how they had before. One of my groups wrote a lesson plan to deliver to teachers which included what the effects of hearing homophobic language in the classroom could be, and I think that was very effective"

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