PRIDE Youth Network
Our online delivery is fun, interactive and explores all aspects of LGBTQIA+ inclusion, actively engaging students in discussion about language, law, discrimination, current conversations around gender and sexual orientation that encourage critical thinking and debate

"The workshops were brilliant and were just what we were looking for. Feedback from both staff and pupils was really positive and kickstarted a great Rainbow Week in our school! Thanks for your help and we'll definitely be contacting you again in the future"

Primary school June 2022

"Thank you so much for delivering the talk on Friday; the student response was so, so positive! We have booked similar online talks in the past but never had the quality or breadth of discussion that you provided so thank you; we will be booking again!"

Secondary school February 2023

Why do students need these workshops?
  • To enable leadership in inclusive practices and decision making.
  • To give confidence to challenge environments that can be hostile.
  • Training, knowledge and debate are all great ways that enable students to build and strengthen their personal development and self esteem.
Examples of current webinars are:
  • What is LGBTQIA+? Getting the language right in 2023.
  • Identity How to break the binary and be gender inclusive.
  • LGBTQIA+ inclusion Law, history and intersectionality.
Learning outcomes:
  • To have an awareness of legal obligations surrounding LGBTQIA+ inclusion.
  • Develop leadership & project management skills.
  • Have an understanding of the impact of heteronormative and cisnormative language and discriminatory practices.
  • Empower to challenge and effect change.
  • Develop influencing and negotiation skills.


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A group of studetns wearing t shirts that spell out LGBTQ and a love heart


  • £150 per session (up to 60 mins)
  • £600 for a full day

We are able to deliver these on any day of the week and can be flexible with times


For help and guidance to facilitate a campaigning group of pupils in your school or college

    'Very important to introduce young children to all of this language and to not be sheltered like I was. Thank you'

    ' I just wanted to say how happy we are for our daughter to be educated and informed about the importance of celebrating differences from such an early age! In our family everyone is perfect and loved,  just as they are. I think it's a wonderful message of kindness and acceptance. It can only be a positive thing to do. Thank you.'  (Y4 parent)


    Copy of a tweet from St Benets Ouston
    Copy of a tweet from Manor Green Primary school

    'Loved the session, so important to include this in the curriculum! Very helpful and I love all the resources we can use in the classroom.'