LGBT+ History Month Assembly Plan


If you are looking for resources to celebrate LGBT+ History month, then look no further!

This assembly plan is by, Tash Walker and Adam Zmith, co-producers of The Log Books podcast. Tash is also co-chair of Switchboard – The LGBT+ Helpline, and Adam is also a writer.
The Log Books tells a history of LGBTQ+ life in Britain using archival research and dozens of interviews, and is also co-produced by Shivani Dave. The co-producers received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant to make season three of the podcast (released Nov 2021 to January 2022) and this assembly plan.

Here Tash and Adam explain what their aim was when designing this resource.

The aim of this assembly plan was to convey stories from LGBTQ+ life and history in Britain into the school setting. We’ve been advised by experts at The Key and Educate & Celebrate in making this assembly plan.

We wanted to talk about the injustices and discrimination faced by LGBTQ+ people in a way that was both concrete and relatable. This is why we centre this assembly around the stories of people who are not celebrities or obvious ‘heroes’ (although those people are important!).

We also believe passionately that all young people should know about LGBTQ+ lives and a little history, so that they can create the kind and inclusive communities we need. Every school will have students who identify as LGBTQ+ (or will, in later life). They need to feel included and supported at school. And every student should know how to support their LGBTQ+ peers, by being a good friend who accepts them for who they are.

One reason why we are passionate about extending our work in the podcast into schools is that this was illegal when we were at school, from the late 80s and through the 90s. Section 28 of the Local Government Act forbade schools, libraries and teachers from acknowledging the existence of gay people and lesbians, let alone attempting to create an inclusive environment for them. That law fell in 2003, but the chill of it in society lingers. People, especially our young ones, will always have questions about sexuality and gender identity, so we have to keep the conversation open and rolling. If you agree, we hope that this assembly plan helps you to do that in your own way and in your own school.

The aims of the assembly are simple:

  • To celebrate LGBTQ+ people, and create an inclusive environment in school
  • To help you mark LGBTQ+ History Month every February
  • To fulfil the requirement for “daily collective worship” in school assembly
  • To support teachers to deliver an engaging LGBT+ inclusive curriculum
  • To fulfill Relationships & Sex Education Policy Requirements Sept 2020
  • Putting Policy into Practice: To ensure your Anti-Bullying, Inclusion and Equal Opportunities policies are adhered to

Download Assembly PowerPoint here
Download Assembly PowerPoint with teachers notes here