Queering the Curriculum Seminar PRIDE 2021


This online event brings together a number of academics, educators, students, activists, practitioners, and diversity trainers to discuss what Queering the Curriculum means in 2021.

What are hetero- and cis-normativity and how do they operate in the higher education arena? How can we ensure that our courses, educational material, activities, and power structures account for the multiple and diverse ways in which our students express and embody their sexualities and genders? Queer activists and academics have long asserted that heteronormativity and cisnormativity are embedded in the fabric of society, including education. It is therefore argued that challenging these structures is at the heart of creative a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. What does it mean to instructors to not only address but to also incorporate sexual and gender minority identities and experiences into their curriculum? What might a ‘queer curriculum’ look like? And how would this framework affect students’ lives and experiences in higher education and beyond?