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EXAMPLES OF OUR BESPOKE WEBINARS for schools, teacher training and organisations


How to integrate EDI into the whole curriculum: An intersectional approach for nursery, primary and secondary teachers 

How to welcome trans, non binary and gender diverse people into your school or workplace

How to form your PRIDE Youth Network: Leading the youth movement for LGBTQIA+ inclusion

Getting the language right in the workplace: The essential LGBTQIA+ guide 

How to build a future of inclusion and social justice: An intersectional approach 

How to integrate EDI into school or workplace policies, systems and frameworks

How to successfully communicate with parents regarding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

'Thanks to you for the webinar yesterday. It was brilliant – the expertise and energy were both inspiring and the online format worked really well. It was also great to lift our heads above the day to day and focus on taking our schools forward positively in the future. I certainly hope that there will be more seminars in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them!'

More information about our training:

We deliver relaxed and interactive sessions that take participants on the journey to Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) using strategies to bring the whole community on board.

The sessions highlight inclusive language, increase knowledge of legislation, subject knowledge, experience an extensive range of interactive activities and resources, access case studies, successful strategies, links to display materials and a chance to ask questions to our experienced consultants.

The practical training is designed to empower you to lead an EDI initiative within your own school or organisation. You will leave with numerous materials, exemplar policies and resources to support delivery the very next day!

We support all schools at all phases and in all settings including additional needs, pupil referral units, boarding, rural, urban, academies and international.

Key learning points:
  • To develop a deeper understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Intersectional curriculum development in all subject areas and key stages
  • Exploring cisnormativity, heteronormativity and potential discriminatory practices
  • To experience successful examples of change from our partner schools and organisations
  • Developing a personalised action plan
  • Participants are encouraged to explore how to embed EDI within their own context
  • Increased subject and LGBTQIA+ knowledge
  • Exploration of quick wins and strategies and resources for long term sustainable change

Entry and exit polls from a recent staff training webinar:

How confident do you feel to get the language right? 
                       start to finish:
Very               13%  -  73%
Somewhat    80% -  27%
Not at all       7%   -    0%

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CPD training for staff using Webinar with Educate & Celebrate
  • £400 online whole staff training for a 60 minute session.
    This includes a website and policy consultation.
  • £600 online whole staff training for a 90 minute session.
    This includes a website and policy consultation.
  • £1,000 for a package of three 60 minute session webinars spread throughout the academic year or delivered as a whole development day. 

The minimum charge for a webinar is £400.

For bespoke services, please contact us using the form below. We will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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      Initial Teacher Training
      SLT & Governor Training
      Councils & Boroughs

      ‘I just wanted to say, I really enjoyed the webinars and they've really made a difference in my life and at school’

      'This was fantastic. Thank you so much. The staff were buzzing after it, super happy to receive training tailored to their wants and needs!'

      'The training was absolutely fabulous, the staff were commenting on how thought provoking it was for them so we really appreciate this. Thank you for all support'

      'It was such an eye opener. I feel slightly embarrassed at how sheltered I have been but your session was so helpful and I will absolutely be including all of this into my teaching! Very important to introduce young children to all of this language and to not be sheltered like I was. Thank you'

      'Thank you for this session – I’ve always been quite nervous about addressing the issue in primary school (even though I am very pro-equality) because of the fear of offending religious children. Now however I feel confident in how I address the issue and not be scared away from the issue any more. So thank you!'

      'The webinar was brilliant. Highly informative and helped me to better understand how to utilize inclusive language in a classroom setting. Thank you so much for the phenomenal information and webinar'

      'Thank you, really great session. I think the language is the trickiest part as someone who is in 40s and has seen things come in and out of usage but I feel more positive about language now. I also love the books and songs!'

      'I now know where to go to get the legal and policy obligations and Elly showed us a lot of ways to integrate LGBT+ into schools in general that I hadn't thought of before'