Join our PRIDE Youth Network to become equipped, confident and empowered to speak out about injustice. Learn how to channel your energy into creating positive change in your school and community.

The programme includes:

  • Training for a lead member of staff and your group of activists
  • A timeline of activities with monthly suggestions for change
  • Advice on how to campaign for things you care about
  • Targets for Year 1 and Year 2 of the programme
  • Access to partnership projects and competitions
  • Joining our network of over 100 campaigning groups
  • An annual national PRIDE Youth Network conference
  • Receiving a PYN Pioneers Award for your campaigning achievements
Feel empowered to point out discrimination and open eyes to making your school a more welcoming place for everyone

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"Our school supported us in starting a Pride Youth Network with Educate & Celebrate and we are now Pride Pioneers. We exist so people know where to go if they need support or information, we offer a weekly safe space, we train other students to be LGBT+ allies and we have trained the teachers to know what they can do to support us" PRIDE Youth Network student

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