Exemplar Equal Opportunities Policy

Equal opportunities for all

‘An entitlement to learning must be an entitlement for all pupils’.

Our school code uses the Equality Act 2010:



Exemplar Equal Opportunities Policy

To treat everyone Equally and Fairly regardless of: Age, Disability, Gender, Gender Identity, Race and Nationality, Religion or belief, Pregnancy, Marriage, Sexual Orientation


All pupils at Brownmead Primary Academy have an equal right to develop and achieve their potential. Equality of opportunity underpins the school curriculum and the work of the school. Children at Brownmead are treated as individuals with their own abilities, difficulties, attitudes, backgrounds and experiences.

The Education Reform Act entitles all pupils in school to a National Curriculum, which is balanced and broad based. The National Curriculum includes cross – curricular dimensions such as equal opportunities for boys / girls, multicultural education and special educational needs. Wherever possible the curriculum will develop children’s knowledge and understanding of different beliefs, cultures and needs.

At Brownmead we aim for an atmosphere of trust and respect among children as well as between teachers and children. Citizenship education programme is about how we treat each other and, more importantly, how we learn to respect one another and ourselves as citizens of the world. It also fosters an understanding of the diversity of cultures and needs that exist in school and in the wider community.