Exemplar Healthy Relationships (SRE) Policy

Exemplar Healthy Relationships (SRE) Policy



Exemplar Healthy Relationships (SRE) Policy

Aims and Objectives for ‘Healthy Relationships’ (Sex and Relationship Education)

The aim of SRE is to provide children with age appropriate information,

explore attitudes and values and develop skills in order to empower them

and to make positive decisions about their health related behaviour.

This should take place with consideration of the qualities of relationships

within families.

The objectives of Sex and Relationship Education are;

• To provide the knowledge and information to which all pupils are


• To clarify/reinforce existing knowledge

• To raise pupils’ self-esteem and confidence, especially in their

relationships with others;

• To help pupils understand their sexual feelings and behaviour, so

they can lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives;

• To help pupils’ develop skills (language, decision making, choice,

assertiveness) and make the most of their abilities.

• To help pupils’ understand that we are all equal regardless of sexual

orientation, gender identity or transgender identity