KS2 Geography

How do equality laws effect human geography?



KS2 Geography
By the end of the Lesson:

The children will understand what equality is and why it is important. They will know the expectations of the Equality Act 2010 and be able to apply this knowledge. They will develop their understanding of the different outcomes for people in different countries who do not adhere to the principle of Equality for All.

Activity 1: Give children the worksheet, which shows different equality issues over time. Children need to imagine they travel back in time to one of the eras. Which era would they choose and why? For each of those eras which equality law is missing from this period of time? How is this different to today?

Activity 2: Organise different equality laws onto a time line. Look at a World Map, label continents and countries that are familiar to them. Then use Wikipedia to look at the status of same sex marriage for different countries in the world. Discussion: How might this impact on where people live and how they live their lives? Where might people prefer to live?