Training Days 2019! How to begin the journey to LGBT+Inclusion

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“That’s the best inclusive staff INSET I’ve had in 20 years of teaching” Assistant Headteacher

  • We will deliver your staff meeting 

        £400 (plus travel and accommodation where necessary) Contact with provisional dates and times

  • We will deliver your Continuing Professional Development Day – our fun and interactive training days are perfect for Councils, all schools, Universities and Organisations 

£1700 per day (plus travel and accommodation where necessary) Contact with provisional dates

  • You can attend one of our Continuing Professional Development Days 

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  • Achieve your Educate & Celebrate Award! – Our accredited Best Practice Programme for LGBT+ Inclusion 

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Our training transforms schools and organisations into LGBT+Friendly places and has been described as ‘innovative and visionary’ by Ofsted, January 2016.

What teachers say:

‘ I am now more confident to identify to my students as queer and continue teaching queer issues’

‘ I now very much want to introduce an LGBT+ policy’

‘ I am now more aware of how powerful subtle changes to language and behaviour can impact on students’

I found the inset very informative – and I learned some new terminology!  It also made me reflect on the everyday language I use with children and I will be more aware now not to use language that stereotypes into genders (e.g. “sweetheart”, “mate” etc.)


We deliver relaxed, fun and interactive sessions that will take you on the journey to LGBT+Inclusion, developing subject knowledge and strategies to take a whole-school approach to creating institutional change by focusing on the core areas of Training, Policy, Curriculum, Environment and Community. The practical and teacher-friendly training is designed to give you the confidence to lead the initiative within your own school, underpinned by relevant reading books at all key stages, research materials, lesson plans in all subject areas, key messages via display, sing-a-long songs, teaching pedagogies, impact day activities, exemplar policies and an action plan to take forward and start delivering the very next day!

Key learning points:

To develop a deeper understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity, why it is necessary to include these protected characteristics in our curriculum and what we need to do to ensure their full inclusion and equilibrium with other equality strands.

This comes initially in the session through exploring the Educate & Celebrate ethos of interrogating heteronormativity, encouraging intersectionality in the curriculum through the pedagogy of ‘usualising’ with a view to reaching the land of social justice where we are all treated equally and fairly.

This is supported through real life examples from our partner schools and colleges, through films, exemplar lessons, language, law, Ofsted criteria and expectations, examples of environmental changes and community events.

Delegates are encouraged throughout to think where in their day to day school life this work would best fit and are encouraged to write down these thoughts on an action plan as we go through the session.

All attendees should leave with increased subject and LGBT+ knowledge, an ethos to continue to explore in their schools and an action plan of quick wins and long term sustainable strategies to ensure LGBT+Inclusion.


Educate & Celebrate – How to transform your school into an LGBT+Friendly place training day:

June 15th 2019

Venue: Our Offices, 1 Penton Street, London, N1 9PT Directions

Time: 9.30am-3.30pm

Cost: £250 (free to those registered on the Best Practice Award Programme)




Carmel College, The Headlands, Darlington, DL3 8RW Directions 

Time: 9.30am-3.30pm

12th February 2019 REGISTER HERE (free to Darlington Schools) 


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