We thrive to transform every single school into an LGBT+ friendly place, we have already transformed thousands of educational establishments but you have to see it to believe it. Here is just what some of our partner schools and children have had to say about Educate & Celebrate:

Mia, PRIDE Youth Network Leader: “I’m 19 now and after five years of finding myself and becoming comfortable in my own skin, I can see the massive influence that Educate & Celebrate has had on my school, a school which five years ago never once uttered the words: lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

“The training that is provided by Educate & Celebrate, whether through talks with students, teacher training, or showcases, allows people to realise that LGBT+ issues are important and relevant. To be able to speak to teachers about LGBT+ issues and to be able to support younger children with their sexuality is an amazing feeling for someone like me, who had no one in school.”

OFSTED inspection of a partner school: ‘The Educate & Celebrate training programme is “visionary and innovative.”

Leroy Colley: “Saving kids lives, this is a formative experience in a childs life and sit in a lesson and for the first time the become aware of themselves as an individual. We have been able to do this programme in our LGBT+ inclusive lessons.”

Lizzie Heaney:  “I can honestly say that the last year has been the most profound of my entire teaching career so far.”

Sarah Fletcher, Bullers Wood School: “I have had a chance to encounter something professionally and personally that has been so enlightening. At Bullers Wood School we have been inspired by the Educate & Celebrate programme. Of course the ultimate vision is for LGBT+ friendly practice to permeate every part of the school. I really believe this has happened.

“My child will not wear trousers to school as he wore a dress for world book day. Our response was, well, do they really need to? As long as he is wearing school uniform that is. And then came along our non-gender uniform policy. A lot of people are like well it’s a very small minority, but whatever the percentage it is still a percentage and it takes 100% to make a school, so to that one child, it meant the world. That’s the difference between a child being happy and secure or not.

“We used to have so many squabbles about families in the playground. It was ridiculous and sad but through the books that Educate & Celebrate has introduced us to, and learning about different families and making sure all families are valued the same way in our school, that has mostly stopped and that has been very significant as it was causing a lot of stress and problems for a lot of children.”