TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to integrate LGBT+ content into the whole curriculum: for nursery, primary and secondary teachers 

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to form your PRIDE Youth Network: Leading the youth movement for LGBT+ inclusion. Case Studies

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to build a future of inclusion and social justice: An intersectional approach 

TITLE OF WEBINAR: Getting the language right in the workplace: The essential LGBT+ guide 

TITLE OF WEBINAR: Educate & Celebrate Training & Resources: A guide to what we do and how we can support you 

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to integrate LGBT+ content into all school or workplace policies, systems and frameworks

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to integrate LGBT+ content into Relationships and Sex Education and the whole curriculum

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to welcome trans, non binary and gender diverse people into your school or workplace

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to create a gender-inclusive environment (for schools and organisations) 

TITLE OF WEBINAR: How to successfully communicate with parents (Equity in LGBT+ inclusive RSE) 

Thanks to you for the webinar yesterday. It was brilliant – the expertise and energy were both inspiring and the online format worked really well. It was also great to lift our heads above the day to day realities of lockdown and focus on taking our schools forward positively in the future. I certainly hope that there will be more virtual seminars in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them! - Deputy Headteacher

Read more about our training:

We deliver relaxed, fun and interactive sessions that take participants on the journey to inclusion using strategies to bring the whole school and community on board.

The sessions highlight inclusive language, increase knowledge of legislation and new curriculum requirements, develop subject knowledge, experience an extensive range of interactive activities and resources, access case studies and successful strategies, be given links to display materials and network opportunities with other schools.

The practical and teacher-friendly training is designed to empower you to lead the initiative within your own school. You will leave with numerous materials, exemplar policies and an action plan to start delivering the very next day!

Key learning points:
  • To develop a deeper understanding of sexual orientation, gender and gender identity, why it is necessary to include these protected characteristics in our curriculum and what we need to do to ensure their full inclusion and equilibrium with other equality strands
  • Curriculum development in all subject areas and key stages including RSE, PHSE and RE
  • Exploring the ethos of interrogating heteronormativity, encouraging intersectionality in the curriculum through the pedagogy of ‘usualising’
  • To experience real life examples from our partner schools and colleges, through films, exemplar lessons, language, law, expectations, examples of environmental changes and community events.
  • Developing an action plan – participants are encouraged throughout to think where in their day to day school life this work would best fit
  • Increased subject and LGBT+ knowledge
  • Exploration of quick wins and long term strategies and resources for sustainable change

CPD training for staff using Webinar with Educate & Celebrate
  • Online whole Staff Training £200 for a 60 mins session. This includes a website and policy consultation. Use form at bottom of page.
  • You can purchase a discounted package of webinars too for your School, University, Business or Organisation. Please contact enquiries@educateandcelebrate.org for further information
  • Bespoke online training for your organisation or school can be organised upon request. Please contact ellybarnes@educateandcelebrate.org to make arrangements