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The Educate & Celebrate initiative is innovative and visionary.

— Ofsted, Jan 2016

Teachers and pupils tackle challenging subject matter like ‘hate-crime’ and stereotyping head on. A group of Year 6 pupils frankly discussed lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues with appropriate respect and maturity. These opportunities are enabling positive social, moral and cultural development.

— Ofsted, Jan 2016

The Educate & Celebrate programme (supports) students understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues

— Ofsted, December 2015

In an initiative led by pupils, the school has become an ‘Educate & Celebrate’ best practice centre for its work on ensuring that homophobic bullying or negativity is not tolerated. In January, learners in the sixth form will take leading roles on a student development day aimed at promoting tolerance and diversity.

— Ofsted, December 2015

Pupils’ good personal development was illustrated in a highly effective Year 5 personal, social and health education lesson, which was part of a national initiative to challenge homophobia in primary schools. This followed an excellent whole-school assembly, on the previous day

–Ofsted, January 2015

This approach has been highly successful

— Ofsted February 2012.

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